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Cameron will continue to listen

Cameron believes his platform, and the decisions he'll make as Ward 2 City Councillor, should be based on what the residents of Ward 2 tell him they'd like their ward to look and be like.

When he's out knocking on doors, meeting people for coffee, or attending a community meeting or event, he'll be listening carefully to what you have to say about our ward and our city.

If you see him out and about in Ward 2, please say hello and share your ideas with him. He’ll also ask questions of you so he has a deep understanding of what’s important to you.

Cameron has built a resident-informed platform

Cameron's platform reflects what you’ve told him and what he's experienced in his work in the community over the past number of years. It has been built for Ward 2 residents who want to see a better ward and a better city, for themselves and for their neighbours.