Cameron's Home & Family

Cameron and his partner Derek moved to Hamilton in 2014. Cameron was born in St. Catharines and is the oldest of 4. He and his family moved around Ontario a fair bit when he was growing up, so finding a permanent place to call home was very important to him. Thanks to the warm welcome, love, and acceptance of Hamiltonians, Cameron and Derek have made Hamilton their home with their fur friends Carson, Onyx, Cricket, and Othello.

They’ve lived in the Beasley, Corktown, and now Durand neighbourhoods in Ward 2.

Cameron's Community Work

Cameron has deep ties to each of Ward 2’s six neighbourhoods and is passionate about rebuilding trust between those neighbourhoods and the City by relying on the lived experience of the many residents that he's met and worked with over the years. He has regularly attended public neighbourhood association meetings in the Beasley, Central, Corktown, Durand, North End, and Stinson neighbourhoods over the past 5+ years. He’s also a regular delegate to City Council on issues impacting all Hamiltonians.

While Ward 2 continues to be the focus of Cameron's advocacy, his volunteer service has extended far beyond its boundaries. Cameron has been a member of citywide boards like the Hamilton Centre for Civic Inclusion, Pride Hamilton, The AIDS Network, the Hamilton Literacy Council, and was Chair of the City of Hamilton’s LGBTQ Advisory Committee. Cameron contributed his experience to these boards in the areas of policy, finance, and governance.

He has also helped as an organizer with the Telling Tales Festival, the People’s Plan for Downtown Hamilton, the Hamilton Encampment Support Network, alleyway cleanups, and a number of rallies and events in downtown Hamilton. He is the Editor of the Downtown Sparrow

Cameron’s Employment History

Cameron came to Hamilton from Guelph where he spent 5 years working for the city’s largest labour union. He was that union's President and had the immense privilege of representing union members at provincial, national, and sector conventions. He was instrumental in negotiating 2 contracts with the University of Guelph that saw historic increases in member benefits, coordinated a 2-year forensic audit of the union's finances, and organized a reform of the union's bylaws. While he was in Guelph he also started a province-wide Coalition of Academic Locals that helped to coordinate bargaining efforts and build networks of solidarity between unions.

Before launching his campaign in January, Cameron was the co-owner of a Hamilton-based small family business that was in operation for more than 15 years providing employment and recruitment services in the healthcare industry. He worked with hundreds of clients and thousands of independent contractors across southwestern Ontario (GTHA). As part of this work, he visited Ontario colleges to provide advice to new graduates on how to navigate the labour market and how to protect their rights during the interview and hiring processes.

Cameron’s Education and Professional Qualifications - BA, BEd, MA

Cameron started a Bachelor of Arts degree at Brock University in English in 2002 and, after switching his major to Classics, graduated with honours in 2007 with a minor in History. He also completed a Bachelor of Education degree at the University of Toronto (2008) and a Master of Arts degree at Western University (2010). While at Western, Cameron was a Facilitator with the Leadership Education Program (2009-10). He is also a member in good standing of the Ontario College of Teachers (OCT) and a certified Laubach Literacy Tutor (2017).