We’re now accepting donations and would appreciate your support. To donate, send an e-Transfer to [email protected]

Here are some important tips for donating to municipal campaigns

  • Donations at the municipal level are never tax deductible. If someone tells you otherwise, beware. You should, however, be issued a receipt for your donation at some point before the end of the campaign period (January 3, 2023).

  • The maximum donation from an individual to a single candidate is $1,200. The maximum amount that an individual can donate to all candidates combined in the same jurisdiction (same Council or school board) is $5,000.

  • All donations that are more than $100 must be reported with a name and an address as part of a candidate’s financial statements. Statements are public. Any donation that’s more than $25 cannot be paid in cash.

  • Donations to municipal candidates are important, especially at the ward level. They help pay for necessary campaign expenses and the limits, like in Ward 2 at $21,536.75, don’t leave a lot of room for office rent, signs, literature, and advertising. Every donation helps!